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[ fanfiction ] ASH: SLEEPLESS

fandom: Slam Dunk
pairing: Rukawa x Sakuragi
genre: gen
extra notes: for the RHR mailing list theme project – theme #06: Insomnia; drabble, 100 words

He was excruciatingly aware that he was usually submerged in dreamlessness. Yet sleep eluded him lately - his mind was on a mutinous rampage, invoking sinful images of the impetuous Sakuragi consistently. The ash hollows under his blue eyes were a foreign feature on his face, fatigue obvious against his light skin. The incessant tick of the analog clock on the room wall was a recurring nightmare in this curious wakefulness. And Rukawa added a resigned sigh to the subtle noise of the night, before he resumed counting mentally from six hundred and ninety-one, and continued to see purely red.
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